Two Excellent Bus Lines from Boston to New York

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Nowadays, New York City travel guides can weigh a ton, and Boston is an easy city to get lost in. Fortunately, offers an easy way to plan your trip. Gotobus is a travel site that helps with every aspect of the planning process, from price comparisons to hotel info for a bus trip from Boston to New York City. For travelers looking to book the popular East Coast route, their site is a great place to start. On their site, you can compare buses that offer service between New York and Boston. You can also find the best price and the comfiest passenger experience. The site offers expert info on bus travel and last minute tickets. And with so many companies traveling between NY and Boston, it’s good to have some help narrowing them down.

Luck Star Bus Line Services Boston To New York.

Two good bus lines to consider are Lucky Star and Boston Deluxe. Lucky Star is well known among college students for its ticket prices. They offer cheap seats and comfy five- hour rides that rival several other bus lines. In addition, they provide important on-board extras, like free wi-fi. However, their buses do not provide power outlets. So, make sure your electronics are charged before hitting the road. Each bus is also equipped with a bathroom. And reviews of Lucky Star show much better service than similar lines like the Fung Wah Bus Line. Their customer service is good and their fares make bus travel a breeze. Lucky Star leaves from South Station in Boston and from Canal Street in New York City’s Chinatown. Port Authority or Penn Station does not serve their line so keep this in mind. In Boston, South Station is on the waterfront near some excellent seafood. The terminal is also close to Boston’s contemporary art museum. And of course in NY, the station is near several delicious Chinese restaurants. You may have time to sit and grab a bite before you depart.

Boston Deluxe Bus Line Services Boston To New York.

Like Lucky Star, Boston Deluxe Bus Services are an excellent method of safe & affordable transportation between Boston and New York. They also offer good service and low fares. However, several of their vehicles are vans rather than buses, so keep this in mind for the trip. This comes in handy in traffic and busy city streets. Since their vans allow for stops away from crowded bus stations like Port Authority Bus Terminal, their line does not use the usual stops. You can board Boston Deluxe at their Huntington Ave stop in Boston, near the Christian Science Plaza. This is a lovely place for boarding or departure, since it gives you some time to catch some of Boston’s downtown tourist attractions. In New York, the bus line drops passengers on Broadway near Penn Station. Deluxe also stops in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, near several major museums. This route is great if your travel schedule is short on time, or if you’re visiting Manhattan to see some art.

Megabus & Boltbus Routes Between Boston & New York City.

Other top lines, like Megabus and Boltbus also travel between Boston and New York. These lines do stop at Port Authority, and they’re well worth looking into. However, to get prices to those available at you have to plan your travel a month or two in advance.

Driving Time Between Boston & New York By Bus.

On all lines, the drive between Boston and NY lasts roughly 5 hours. Though depending on your bus driver, the ride may be several minutes shorter. Boston Deluxe’s drivers have been known to run the route in about 4 hours, a good thing if you’re in a rush. But even if you’re in a hurry to arrive, assume you’ll have a slower driver and allow for 5 hours for the trip. For both Lucky Star and Boston Deluxe, bus service from Boston to New York runs an average of $15.00 per ticket. Round trip tickets run $30.00. That’s a bargain when you consider lines like Greyhound charge up to $78.00. And an Amtrak Train or airline ticket can cost over $200.00 plus fees! If you’re the running late type, tickets are easy to book even a few hours before traveling. You can purchase bus tickets for both companies on, as well as compare prices for other lines. After you book your seat, remember that offers several other services. Boston and New York are full of great tours and shows. And Gotobus lets you buy a ticket without spending your entire paycheck. As a Gotobus customer, I highly recommend them for travel tips and more. Give them a try. You will end up saving a bundle.

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