Taking the Greyhound Bus from Boston to New York

by admin on June 23, 2011

Greyhound Bus Service Boston To New York

Greyhound is a nationwide bus line with routes to major cities in the US and Canada. They’re also one of many bus lines between Boston and New York City. Are you a bit off the beaten path? Like are you in Providence RI? Greyhound has a stop there too.

Greyhound’s bus line is known for its safety and service. In recent years, they’ve added several buses with wi-fi and power outlets. These recent on-board additions have made the five hours of bus travel a comfortable mode of transportation. Their convenient station locations also make sure that your trip gets off to a pleasant start.

In New York, the bus line arrives at Port Authority Bus Terminal. Port Authority is a great first stop. The station is just down the street from several great New York City travel destinations, including the Empire State Building. In Boston, Greyhound stops at the South Station bus terminal. South Station is located near the waterfront as well as near some first-rate seafood restaurants.

Greyhounds Bus Service Ticket Fare Cost

Despite their good name, Greyhound is also known for their costly fares. Among Boston’s South Station bus lines that travel to New York City, Greyhound is by far the most expensive. Their bus tickets vary widely in price. A standard fare runs $37.00, and their web only fares run $23.00. If you’re unsure of your vacation plans, you may need to opt for a refundable ticket. Refundable fares run $78.00. Greyhound also offers reserved seating for an additional $5.00. On their website, customers receive a 50% discount if they purchase their ticket at least 7 days in advance. You can reserve your seat online or at the terminal.

Military personnel and veterans are also eligible for discounts at the ticket counter. If you’re a student, you may want to look into Greyhound’s Student Advantage Discount Card. However, this card may only serve you if you’re a frequent traveler. The card costs $20.00, so I only suggest buying it if you plan on traveling often. Even with all these discounts, Greyhound’s prices are higher than most other bus lines. And if you’re trying to keep your trip within a budget, Greyhound is may not be the cheapest form of transport.

Less Expensive Boston to New York Bus Options.

The Fung Wah bus (also known as the “Chinatown bus”) is a famously cheap bus line to consider. Their line has station locations in both Boston and New York’s Chinatowns. Fung Wah tickets are $15.00 and are very easy to come by. You can even buy a ticket at the counter less than an hour before your departure. However, the line has been known for having safety problems on the road. It is also one of the more uncomfortable New England buses.

Peter Pan and Bolt Bus are two other companies to consider. Both bus companies are owned by Greyhound. And while both lines have buses from Boston to New York, Bolt’s services are much cheaper. Peter Pan’s ticket prices are close to Greyhound’s. Bolt’s tickets run as low as $1.00 when purchased a couple of months in advance. Megabus runs a similar deal. Though, if you’d like to compare prices between lines, Greyhound makes it easy to do on their website.

You can sign up for a Boltbus ticket through Greyhound’s home page. Once on the Boltbus page, you can book an eticket and map your route. The station address and contact information is also available on their website. While Greyhound is a better line than most, I suggest looking into Boltbus or Megabus for their $1.00-$9.00 bargain fairs. On board, you’ll find there is little difference between lines. But your wallet will thank you later.

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