Megabus: A Cheap Way to Travel Boston to New York

by admin on June 23, 2011

Megabus Bus Service Boston to New York City.

Among the many bus companies that travel between cities like New York and Boston, Megabus is one of my favorite bus lines covering the Boston to New York corridor. Megabus is a national low-cost bus line and while their prices are slightly higer than Fung Wah they offers each customer wi-fi. They also offer double decker buses. Each deck seats roughly 40 passengers. And since their buses seat double the room, you’re more likely to snag one of their great deals.

Megabuses depart several times per day. If you’re heading for Boston, you can buy your ticket at the Port Authority Bus Terminal and the MTA Bus Shelter in New York. Or if you’re headed for New York, you can catch the bus at South Station in Boston. All three stations are close to public transportation, in case you’re looking to avoid any driving. If you like to plan in advance, you can also book your ticket online. This will help you avoid waiting in line. You can usually even purchase seats online at the last minute.

Tickets for Megabus vary in price. On their website, fares usually range from $13.00-$24.00. But the further in advance you plan your trip, the cheaper you can usually find a ticket. With at least a month in advance, Megabus offers tickets as low as $1.00! The key to booking one of these $1.00 fares is buying your ticket at least four or five weeks in advance. In some cases, dollar tickets are only offered for certain departure times. So, it helps if your schedule is flexible. As a travel tip, it is harder to book round trip $1.00 tickets than it is individual fares. But if you book your bus from Boston to New York trips separately, you stand a good chance of booking your entire trip for under the price of a gallon of gas! If you’re planning your trip with more than one person, have your friend link to this: You can still purchase multiple $1.00 tickets, though it’s still a good idea to book your return trip separately.

For these prices, you would think there would be a catch. Do they have lousy service? Do they arrive on time? For my buck, Megabus has always offered great customer service and timely transport. In fact, my bus driver was even friendly. Each time I’ve taken Megabus, the bus was on time for its departure and the bus arrived on time at its destination. More importantly, the bus was clean and the ride was comfy. It had wi-fi, so I was able to work on homework for the entire five hours. However, if you sit on a double decker, be prepared to wait several minutes for each passenger to unload. This might make you a few minutes late, even though the bus is not. As always, you should read a Megabus review or two. But the best thing you can do is to plan your trip in advance.

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