Train from Boston to New York Not Your Style? Think Again.

by admin on June 23, 2011

Amtrak Train Service Boston To New York Is a both a Cost & Time Effective Option.

A great way to travel is to take a train from Boston to New York. Bus lines like Lucky Star and Fung Wah bus line do offer cheaper transportation. However, Amtrak does offer different travel services that might make the extra fees worth it. Amtrak has several lines and shuttle trains that run through the East Coast. Of their Eastern lines, the train service route from Boston to New York is one of the easiest to use. On board, the biggest difference between bus and train service is the extra space trains offers. Amtrak trains are fairly roomy and have area to walk around in while on route. Trains also offer dining and snacking options in their lounge cars. Dining cars provide comfy group seating and space to play board games. The extra room is also good if you have special needs. You can find more details about meal and dining options on their website.
Travel schedules also differ between train and bus. By bus, the trip between cities is roughly 5 to 6 hours long. By train, the trip is only 3 hours. This extra time might come in handy if your trip is on a short schedule. The Amtrak website offers timetables for all Amtrak trains running through the Northeast. A scheduled Northeast Corridor timetable is linked to their main page. Since Amtrak trains don’t tend to run late, train service offers a quick and reliable way of traveling from city to city. And since Amtrak’s trains stop near famous tourist spots, their stations offer a great start to your trip.
If you’re usually a bus traveler and regularly take a bus from Boston to New York, your train station might differ from those of your former bus line. Instead of Port Authority, all trains depart from Penn Station in New York. In Boston, both Back Bay and South Station service Amtrak. Boston’s North Station does not service New York. You should only use North Station if your destination is Maine.

Boston To New York Amtrak Train Ticket Cost

If bought a couple days in advance, coach seats are hard to come by.
Last minute tickets start at $115.00 one-way for business class seats. A one-way first class ticket runs over $200. When purchased a month or two in advance, you can reserve a round trip coach fare for just under a hundred dollars. A seat in business or first class will always run more. Unlike bus lines, Amtrak does not offer $1.00 fares or weekend specials. Buying your round trip tickets a couple months in advance can save you hundreds. If you have the extra cash, Amtrak is a great way to travel. If you’re on a tight budget, it may be worth looking into bus lines that run the same route.

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